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Welcome to Kidsaroo and reusable, waste-free solutions.

All our products are made using only OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified materials.

Free from any harmful chemicals or toxins and safe for your family.

Take a look at some of our best sellers...

Kidsaroo - Home of the No Worries Undies, Cloth Nappies and Swim Nappies

We believe in keeping bottoms away from chemicals and cutting down on waste. That's why we created our chemical-free reusable Nappy and Undies range for your family.

Reusable means big savings compared to constantly buying disposables, and your baby will love the comfort.

Cute, fun and functional, that's our motto. First, it's got to be ethically made and actually work. Then it's got to look good and last.

All our products are made using OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified materials and the best quality on the market. You can rest assured they are free from any harmful chemicals and completely safe for your family.

We ONLY manufacture in a SEDEX member factory, ensuring ethical and safe conditions for all workers. Audited yearly on-site to maintain membership.

All our new products have prints designed just for Kidsaroo.

We have Modern Cloth Nappies Australia will love. With prints in a range of Aussie animals, bugs, birds and more, to celebrate our beautiful wildlife. But not just reusable nappies Australia will love; we have a few prints especially for our Kiwi friends too. All with natural fibre, Bamboo Cotton, cloth nappy inserts. Pocket style and now with an amazing 3D gusset to stop leaks, they fit from 4kg - 15kg. Cute, reusable nappies Australia and New Zealand can enjoy again and again, keeping toxic disposables out of our soil.

Our No Worries Undies can be called several things. Accident undies, kids undies, toddler undies, toilet training pants, bedwetting undies, the list goes on. Whatever you call them and use them for, they serve one important purpose. They take the worry away, hence the name! You can add extra absorbency if needed, and we have natural Bamboo Cotton , Undies Inserts custom made for that. So, if you're trying to transition, ditch the night nappies or pull-ups and get on your No Worries Undies. Available in seven sizes up to 9yrs/29kg+.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have our Reusable Swim Nappy. An essential piece of kit with all our beautiful beaches or just hot days in the garden and pool. Our swim nappies come in three sizes to fit from 4kg - 11kg+ and seven gorgeous prints. Holding the mess in and letting the liquid through, your little one will stay comfy and bulk-free for the whole playtime.

We're proud to be providing functional products that are reusable, sustainable and toxic chemical-free. Keeping our children safe and disposables from landfills.

Any requests and suggestions are always welcome, so please get in touch; we'd love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy the prints!