Welcome to Kidsaroo

We like to help get little bottoms away from chemical-filled disposables and into cloth without breaking the bank. All our own brand products are rigorously tested in a UL lab to pass Australian Standards before we would ever consider selling them. You can have peace of mind knowing your little ones are safe and protected with us.

Kidsaroo is about delivering the best quality possible, at an accessible price. We're not about cheapness or cutting corners.

Described by many as their go-to, workhorse Nappy.

Our modern cloth nappies are designed with the best quality materials to make them last, wash after wash. We have ten cute prints, all Pocket Style, OSFM, with double gussets in the stay-dry lining. You can now choose which of our two premium inserts you would like to go with them.

Training Pants with Full Waterproof Coverage 

Our pants look like regular undies but have full waterproof PUL coverage, beautifully soft bamboo blend cloth lining, and just enough absorbency for accidents. They currently come in three sizes and fun prints that you, and your toilet trainee, will fall in love with.