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No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo
No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints - Kidsaroo

No Worries (without inserts) - Size XL Prints



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Sizing Guide

No more running the gauntlet, piles of laundry or embarrassing moments needed. Let them learn with our waterproof, transitioning undies for fuss-free accidents and big kid confidence.

For nighttime, or if you need more absorbency in the day, add an insert or two.

Children of all ages can have accidents and need that extra bit of security, for so many reasons.

When toilet training, you may need that extra time to find a toilet when out and about. Or a safety net for unexpected naps and car trips. It's not always easy to pull over for a wee when you're stuck in traffic! 😬 

Bedwetting. Still not waking up in time?  For younger children (and parents), it's horrible having to change all the sheets in the middle of the night. For older children, it's embarrassing and disheartening, yet so common and just not talked about.*

Late developers (who's to say what's late?), additional needs (use your NDIS funding), emotional issues or just moments in life (parents separating), the list of reasons goes on.

We get it, we see you, and we've got you covered.

Whatever the reason, these do as the name implies - they take the worry away!

Designed to catch an accident, not to be a complete nappy replacement, they come in seven sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, approximately 18 months to 9+ years.

*An additional insert or two is always recommended for night use. Not designed for multiple night wees.

BREATHABLE AND WATERPROOF OUTER: Made with heat bonded TPU laminate. They are silky soft to the touch and keep clothes dry.

INCREDIBLY SOFT BAMBOO CLOTH LINING. It's absorbent, antibacterial and sensory/skin-friendly (even the care label is away from the skin).

WAIST, LEG AND SIDE ELASTIC PANEL: For all-around comfort and fit.

HIDDEN ABSORPTION: Positioned halfway up the front and back for both boys and girls. It gives just enough absorption without bulkiness, to hold an accident.

AN INTERNAL POCKET: For adding extra absorbency, if needed, with front and back opening for easier access.

A HIDDEN SNAP AT THE BACK: To attach the optional insert, keeping it securely in place.

All our materials are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, meaning they are free from any harmful chemicals and safe for your family.

OUTER: Polyester with TPU laminate - Polyurethane. Safely heat-bonded, not chemically bonded. Waterproof, soft and breathable, even on hot days.

LINING: Beautifully soft Bamboo Cloth.

HIDDEN ABSORBENCY: Two layers of super thirsty Microfibre Cloth.

OPTIONAL INSERT: Two layers of highly absorbent Bamboo Cotton.

A GOOD TIP FOR NEW UNDIES and inserts, is to soak them in plain water for 12-24 hours and then give a regular wash, without softener.
This helps to fluff up the fibres of the hidden layers and maximise absorption before use.

Fitting & Measurements

Fitting Advice

See the sizing guide at the top of the page.

When using the guide, it's good to consider your child's weight and body type. You need the undies to fit well around the legs to prevent leaks.

So if your child is a lean build, go for the smaller size within their weight range and vice versa if they are a more solid build.

The optional insert is always recommended with overnight use.

When pulling up the undies, ensure none of the leg material has rolled out so that the inner material is showing. Only the outer, waterproof layer should be visible to avoid any transference or seepage.

Approx Leg Measurements

The most important area for fit is around the legs. You need a good seal to prevent leaks.

The following is the approximate leg circumference before stretching.

  • XXS - 26cm
  • XS - 28cm
  • S - 30cm
  • M - 32cm
  • L - 34cm
  • XL 36cm
  • XXL - 38cm

Approx Waist Measurements

The following is the approximate waist measurement before stretching.

  • XXS - 42cm
  • XS - 44cm
  • S - 46cm
  • M - 48cm
  • L - 50cm
  • XL - 52cm
  • XXL - 54cm
Washing & Drying


Soak new undies and inserts in plain water for 12-24 hours and then give a regular wash, without softener.

This helps to fluff up the fibres of the hidden layers and maximise absorption before use.

The inserts will shrink a little with the initial wash, which will make them easier to thread through.


Once soiled, give the undies and insert a good rinse to get out or dilute the urine as much as possible.

If left in, urine tends to get stronger, and you could end up with an ammonia smell or skin irritation from it.

They can then be left for up to 48 hours until a regular wash is done.


Wash on a long or regular cycle (the undies can take a 60-degree wash if needed) with your usual detergent.

Please do not use softener (or oily detergents) as this coats the fibres and stops the absorbency.

Do not use bleach.


Line drying, undies inside out, is preferable. The sun will help kill any bacteria present.

Both undies and inserts are super absorbent, so will take a while to dry.

The inserts and undies can be tumble-dried on low, but doing so consistently with the undies could shorten their life span by causing delamination of the waterproof outer material.


Do you have AfterPay?

We now use PayPal Pay in 4, which is the same as AfterPay, and offered in Australia.

Simply checkout with PayPal and they will offer you that choice of payment method within your regular PayPal account.

How much do they hold?

They will hold a full wee rather than just light leakage until you can get somewhere to change them.

They are designed to catch an accident and keep clothes dry but then to be changed so that they have dry underwear again. Not left on like a nappy.

If they are left on full for too long, you could get saturation leakage.

I always recommend using an insert for night use to give more time to wake up. If you are getting saturation leaks with heavier wetters, you could try using two inserts together.

They are not designed for constant wetting or to hold the same amount as a nappy.

Can I use my NDIS funding?

Yes. If this type of product is covered with your plan, and you are self-managed or use a funding manager, you can purchase with your funding.

How do I place an order using my NDIS funding?

  1. Choose your products and add the Participant's name and NDIS number in the 'Add a note' section of the cart (you'll find it above the subtotal in your cart). This will ensure they are on the invoice for your plan managers to be able to process the claim.
  2. Check out, choosing Bank Deposit as your payment method. You won't need to pay anything, and it secures your items and order.
  3. You will immediately receive an order confirmation email with a link to your PDF invoice/receipt. Click on that link and send the invoice to your plan managers. Your part is now done.
  4. The invoice has our ABN and bank details, so your managers can deposit the payment directly, and your order will be fulfilled as soon as the payment arrives.
  5. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the updated paid invoice/receipt link. You can keep that for your records.

If you have any questions or need any help at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can use the form below or call us; we'll be happy to help you.

Shipping & Returns


30 Day returns available for items that are un-used, un-washed and in original condition, including packaging sleeves.

Try them on first, and if you get the size wrong simply email us within 30 days of purchase to let us know you wish to return them.

Once the items are received and checked, a refund (minus original postage costs) will be given.


Flate rate $12.95 standard shipping with tracking anywhere in Australia.

Flat rate $16.95 standard shipping with tracking to New Zealand.

Express shipping options are available at checkout.

Fast dispatch within 1-2 business days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Belinda E (Brisbane, AU)
Great training tool

These training pants we’ve been using instead of a night nappy during toilet training. It’s an added backup and helps alleviate any concerns of cleaning a big mess. We also use them for long car rides. Great product.

Yay to no big messes. Great to hear you are using them for long car rides too; they are really handy to have for travel. Thank you so much for leaving a review. It is truly appreciated.

Tash (Adelaide, AU)
Fantastic! Just ordered more!

These are exactly what I was looking for and they're working so well for my 2 yr old son. They're absolutely perfect. We weren't planning to night toilet train anytime soon but on his own he started waking up dry 99% of the time. When he does occasionally wee during the night though, he will empty his whole bladder and continue sleeping, so less absorbant training undies weren't going to do the job. Putting him in these means we can encourage his overnight dryness and not waste disposable pullups, but it's also no big deal when he does occasionally wee in his sleep. Absolutely love them!

I love this review, thank you so much! No big deal is exactly how we want accidents to feel with these undies.....that's why they're called No Worries Undies!

Nicole Jones (Sydney, AU)
Fantastic night option

These have been brilliant for my 5 year old daughter for overnight. Had to come back and order more! I used a booster for overnight and hasn't leaked once. Can take a while to dry which is why I grabbed a few extras

Awesome! No leaks is what we love to hear. Thanks so much for leaving a review and for coming back for more. So glad they are helping your daughter

Jackie Watson (Melbourne, AU)

Amazing product and amazing customer service. If you have any concerns Emma is more than happy to try and help.

Always happy to help, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review; it's really appreciated!

Catherine Von Felten (Perth, AU)
Great products and friendly service

We purchased the no worries undies and the swim nappies for our children. Emma was fantastic and very personable over email to address questions.
We would highly recommend these products to others!

Thank you so much, Catherine, and it was my pleasure to help you out. So happy you loved them!


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