Kidsaroo Toilet training pants in rockets print
Kidsaroo Toilet training pants in rockets print
Kidsaroo Toilet training pants in feathers print
Kidsaroo Toilet training pants in elephant print
Toilet Training Pants
Toilet Training Pants
Toilet Training Pants
Kidsaroo Toilet Training Pants, Small, Medium & Large

Toilet Training Pants

$11.99 AUD

Toilet training's not easy on anyone and accidents happen, especially when you're out and about and usually at the worst time - cue halfway around the supermarket!

You can't always get to a toilet with the 20 seconds notice you've been given and inevitably unexpected naps will also happen in buggies and car seats. This just results in distress and a ton of washing, which I'm sure you don't need any more of.

You don't want to keep putting a nappy back on 'just in case', but the constant cleanup and possible upset for your little one is tough. I get it!

Kidsaroo training pants will help with all that. These popular pants now come in three sizes to fit more tots bots.

  • They look and feel like regular undies. No crunchy sounding waterproofing areas as you can get in others. They stretch in the waist and just a little in the leg.
  • The entire waterproof outer is made of heat bonded PUL, giving you full waterproof coverage for when accidents happen and helping to save clothes and car seats etc.
  • The inside has a beautifully soft, bamboo cloth lining. Your tot will love the feel of it against their skin, and because they are pull-up style, they can do it themselves, promoting toileting independence.
  • There are 2 layers of microfibre hidden inside the gusset area and reaching halfway up the front and back. Positioned for both boys and girls, it gives just enough absorption, without bulkiness, to hold an accident. It's little enough though that they will still feel wet to help them learn.

Giving you and your toilet trainee, that extra time to find a toilet when out in public, these are the perfect transitioning pants until fully potty trained. All you need to do is choose your favourite prints together. 


With all different children’s body shapes and sizes, please remember this is a guide only.




1½ - 2 yrs

2 yrs

3 yrs 

10 - 12 kg

12 - 14 kg

14 kg +