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No Worries Undies

Where accidents no longer need to be a struggle or a big mess.

Loved by parents and kids; feel the relief No Worries Undies give.

Less laundry and stress for you -  Confidence, dignity and learning for your child.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Undies and inserts...Only ones that work!

My daughter still wets the bed at night time and has started to become a little embarrassed at the idea she was still wearing nappies. These waterproof pants have made her much happier and they are the only kind that actually work because of the waterproof outer. She says they are super comfy as well and likes the fun designs. Easy to wash and I feel better not sending stuff to landfill every week!


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Leg & Waist Measurements

Fitting Advice

See the sizing guide below to start.

When using the guide, it's good to consider your child's weight and body type. You need the undies to fit well around the legs to prevent leaks.

If you are unsure, please use the following approximate waist and leg measurements for a more accurate fit.

The optional inserts are always recommended with overnight use.

Approx Leg Measurements

The most important area for fit is around the legs. You need a good seal to prevent leaks.

Measure at the top of the leg, from just under the gusset area and around, where the underwear will sit.

The following are the approximate leg circumferences before and with stretching.

  • XXS - 24cm - 30cm
  • XS - 26cm - 32cm
  • S - 28cm - 38cm
  • M - 30cm - 40cm
  • L - 32cm - 42cm
  • XL 34cm - 44cm
  • XXL - 36cm - 46cm

Approx Waist Measurements

The following are the approximate waist measurements before and with stretching.

  • XXS - 42cm - 54cm
  • XS - 44cm - 58cm
  • S - 46cm - 62cm
  • M - 48cm - 64cm
  • L - 50cm - 66cm
  • XL - 52cm - 70cm
  • XXL - 54cm - 72cm

What size do I need?

Use the chart as a guide, and then, for more accuracy, refer to the leg & waist measurements above.

Which undies & inserts do I need?

The Original No Worries Undies have a transitioning-level absorbency built in for day accidents. For a larger day accident or a light night accident, you can add up to two 2-layer Original inserts. So 4 extra layers.

The 2.0 version also has a transitioning level of absorbency built in for day accidents. For a heavier day accident or a more significant night accident, you can add up to two, 4-layer 2.0 Inserts. So 8 extra layers.

The longer the undies are left on wet, i.e. all night and the accident was early on, the more absorbency you will need to keep it all contained. This is why we always advise using inserts for night.

So, the size of the accident and whether your child wakes to change, will help to determine how many insert layers you need to start with.


You can choose your own undies and inserts individually OR choose one of our Easy Bundles, with a FREE double pocket wet bag.

🌱 We only use OEKO-TEX STANDARD 10 certified materials and the best quality on the market. You can rest assured they are free from any harmful chemicals and completely safe for your family.

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