Modern Cloth Nappies


To make cloth a mainstream choice, you have to make it affordable. I truly believe in that so we have done everything possible to design a nappy with all the important features, made from high-quality materials at the best prices possible. No excessive markups are allowed!

Our nappies have not only been tested to Australian Standards, but they have also had chemical testing. If it's against your baby's skin, being free of toxic chemicals is very important, so we had chemical testing carried out on our nappy shells even though, surprisingly, it is not a requirement for Australian Standards.

Features to love... 

  • the double gusset in the lining - reduces the blowouts (it's a customer favourite!). 
  • the fully waterproof outer - no need for additional covers.
  • the pocket style - the two parts are separated to clean more easily and dry faster. You can also easily stuff it with two inserts for extra absorbency when needed. 
  • the one-size style - fits for longer so you get more value. 
  • the choice of two premium inserts - both super absorbent, natural fibres.

Designed to fit babies from approximately 4kg - 15kg / 8 weeks - potty training (when the Kidsaroo toilet training pants can take over).  

The waterproof outer layer is PUL, made using a heat bonding process NOT a chemical bonding process. Beautifully soft, comfortable and breathable for bub, even on hot days. 

The inner layer is a Stay-Dry suede cloth. It will draw the moisture away from your baby’s skin and into the insert in the pocket behind it. This will keep bub much more comfortable and happy. It also has a built-in double gusset that will help to stop leakage.

We have two types of premium, natural fibre inserts to choose from. Each are super absorbent and have four layers.

They are both bone-shaped to fit the curve of baby's bottom and give more coverage.

The first type has four layers of super thirsty, Bamboo Cotton - 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton and 340gsm.

The second type has three layers of the same Bamboo Cotton plus one layer of Hemp Cotton - 50% Hemp / 50% Cotton and 390gsm. (The Hemp layer is the most absorbent but absorbs the slowest, so I suggest you place that side towards the outside of the nappy.) 

Approx Insert Size:

35cm long x 16cm wide at the ends and tapering to 13.5cm wide in the middle. 

**Please note, as these are natural fibre inserts, they will shrink 2cm - 3cm in length with initial washing.**


When buying packs, requested prints can be the same or mixed. Please leave your preferred choices in the instructions box in your cart. If the print is out of stock or there are no choices given, they will be chosen randomly.